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The links provided on this page are intended to help those looking for more information on seamers, cans, services, etc. Their presence here in no way implies any endorsement by SunTech Automation, LLC which has no connection with any of the companies listed.

While we endeavor to keep this information current, we cannot guarantee links will be remain active. The list is not intended to be all inclusive as this would be an impossible task. If there are links you feel would be useful to others, please let us know.

Our competition

Yes, some of the links are to our competition. We believe that the best customer is a well informed one and we welcome comparisons. Again, the list is not intended to be exhaustive and represents our view of those companies offering machines both similar to ours and of different scope.

Other seamer sources
Alard Equipment Corp
Bubber Machine Tools
Dixie Canner Co
JK Somme
Melvina Seamers


Can suppliers - metal
All State Can
Automated Container Co
Ball Corporation
Bway Corporation
Can Corporation of America
Container Supply Company
Crown Holdings, Inc
Eyelet Toolmakers
Freund Container
Impress Group
Independent Can Company
Industrial Container and Supply
ITW Sexton (reported to have exited the capacitor can business although they
still show them on their web site)
JLO Metal Products
Paramount Can
Quality Container
Rexam PLC
Silgan Container Corporation
The Van Can Company
Universal Can Company, LTD
USCC Tin Cans

Can suppliers - non metal
Custom Paper Tubes
King Plastics
Silgan Container Corporation
Sonoco - Global Packaging Company
Canfab Packaging, Inc



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